‘True Blood’ season 7: Want props from Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric and others?

A surprise -Just in case it has always been your dream to sit on the throne once occupied by Eric Northman, you may somehow actually have that opportunity moving forward.

As a result of “True Blood” ending after seven seasons, the folks over at ScreenBid are giving you an opportunity from August 20-25 to bid on some of the most iconic pieces and props from the show. We’re mostly surprised that the cast and crew did not try to sneak all of these home with them. Eric’s throne is to us the most notable one of the entire collection, but it also includes some of the following:

  • Tara’s uniform that she wore in vampire prison
  • That yellow sweat suit that Pam wore when she became the vampire mother to Tara
  • A Merlotte’s uniform belonging to Marlene
  • An apron belonging to Gran, which has clearly been around for a long time
  • Warlow’s contract
  • One of the beer signs hanging in Merlotte’s
  • A good percentage of the shirts Jason Stackhouse actually wore on the show
  • Hilariously, a pile of “true death” vampire remains
  • A tuxedo that Eric for during a dream sequence that basically made ‘shipper hearts around the world explode

Overall, it’s a pretty crazy array of stuff, but we’re not even remotely surprised that some of this is out there, waiting to be picked up. We just wonder what you would really do with some of it. While the throne is obviously the centerpiece of any room, where do you put a pole-dancing outfit wore by Tara, or a some soft fangs that were crafted for an actor?

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Photo: HBO

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