‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 8 review: ‘Who is the Benefactor?’ finally revealed

Teen Wolf -You knew that Monday night’s “Teen Wolf” episode was going to be rough and rocky, mostly because all of them are at this point in the season.

Still, the show is going through some very familiar frustrations. We still do not know right now just who in the world the Benefactor is, and that has started to become a little bit maddening. Kate Argent says that she is not the villain of the season, and neither does Peter. That’s at least something to be hopeful about … right?

Well, it turns out there is a reason to be even more hopeful than that: We may finally have some answers. At the tail end of the episode, it turned out that the maddening plan to nearly kill Scott for good actually produced some answers about who the Benefactor could be. After all, it had to be someone with a unique connection to the dead that nobody else could sense: A Banshee. This means that Lydia’s grandmother may actually be alive, and she has pretty easily slipped into that #1 Candidate position without a whole lot of effort.

Do we feel for Lydia now? Sure, since she basically has it figured out thanks to that coding. This is something that will resonate, and we’re excited that the reveal happened in the way that it did. This means much more of an opportunity to learn about her past, and we really have not had enough of that.

As for the rest of the episode, Derek got a new hookup, there was a great buddy-cop segment with Stiles and Argent, and somewhere, Liam is in here, as well. (Liam is too much Cousin Oliver Syndrome for us … we didn’t need a younger edition to make it more high school.)

Still, “Teen Wolf” is what it is: A pretty good young-adult drama that probably emphasizes shirtless bodies more than it needs to … but can still pull off a few good stunners. Grade: B.

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Photo: MTV

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