‘Bachelor in Paradise’ review: Michelle Kujawa, Ryan Putz, Ben Scott, and Dylan drama

Cast -Typically on shows within the “Bachelor” franchise, the most dramatic stuff tends to happen within the opening minutes of the show.

For “Bachelor in Paradise” Monday night, though, we bore witness to something that was more than just a little bit different. The episode started with Michelle Kujawa and her relationship with some production guy named Ryan Putz, who was enough of a putz (obvious joke included) that he was going to jump out of a window and break both of his ankles rather than face a confrontation about his relationship with her. Somewhat hilarious, but also incredibly ridiculous at the same time.

As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough, but we also learned in here that Ben Scott was a total d-bag for going on the show with some sort of girlfriend that he allegedly met just a few weeks before the start of the show. If you have a girlfriend, why go on the show? Also, why bring the stupid letter with you to paradise? You know someone is going to find it, and you know that this is going to blow up in your face. Clearly, he just wanted some time on TV for whatever reason, and maybe a paycheck if these people are actually paid. You typically get a small stipend for reality shows.

Also, tonight’s episode had dates! Mostly, we had arguments over Dylan. Elise Mosca clearly thought that he was the greatest thing with sliced bread, but she still made out with Chris Bukowski (otherwise known as the other d-bag who was a known quality). However, he asked out Sarah Herron on his date.

The funny thing is that Dylan told Elise he wouldn’t accept her rose, and she did it anyway! He’s not interested! Stop acting like this is your wedding! We actually feel okay for Dylan going home, mostly because he doesn’t have to deal with this anymore. Also, he probably needs to nurse that sunburn. Grade: B-.

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Photo: ABC

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