‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 8 preview: Ryan Kwanten’s Jason, witness to a fight

True Blood -While we expected there to be many returning favorites for the final season of “True Blood,” the resurfacing of Hoyt is one that we somehow didn’t see coming. The show did a smart thing when they initially wrote out the character by leaving the door open for him to return; thanks to this, we’re getting to see an interesting, reflective side to Jason Stackhouse that forces him to confront his past.

What’s great about scenes like the one below for Ryan Kwanten is how little he ultimately has to say. This is usually a guy who rambles on, but here he has to stay quiet without the ability to really comfort his friend through his mother Maxine’s death. Glamouring Hoyt may have been his solution to giving him a better life, and for a while, it seemed like it was the right decision. However, was it really? The fact that Hoyt and his girlfriend haven’t really really discussed children yet is a sign that they may not have really had any of the necessary conversations yet that you need in a relationship.

Also, does anyone else get a sense that Jason and this girlfriend could end up hooking over before this is over? While we are among those who want to see him with Jessica in the end, there’s also the concern that Jason is not a guy who may be able to change his stripes. He’s always been a player to a certain extent even from the beginning of the show.

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Photo: HBO

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