‘Royal Pains’ season 6, episode 9 review: Jeremiah and Divya’s breaking point

Given that the title was “Oh M.G.” and that the stars are meant to be Evan and Hank, we’re almost shocked that Tuesday night’s “Royal Pains” will be more memorable to us in the long run thanks to Jeremiah and Divya. These are the two characters who are really seeing their relationship tested right now, and the reasoning behind it could be critical to the futures of each character.

Let’s start here first of all with Divya’s decision to confront Viviana about potentially taking advantage of her friend. Was it rooted in good intentions? Possibly, but from a romantic standpoint, you also have to wonder if it was rooted in jealousy. Even if the answer to that is “no,” there could still be jealousy from a friendship point of view that he is spending more time and opening up to someone who is a complete stranger to her. After learning that Jeremiah wants her to move out, she’s going to have to take a hard look at why she was so proactive in interfering with this relationship.

Now, we turn to Dr. Sacani himself. We feel bad for Divya in a way, but we also understand the purpose of his move. If he wants to move forward with someone new in his life, can you blame him? Divya has already made her lack of interest clear, so why would he dwell on that?

All of this relationship stuff was fascinating, and it made up for what was a pretty light episode the rest of the way. Charlotte started down the road to her full transplant with Hank at her side, and Evan and Paige had to handle the fact that they are no longer considered “young” and “hip” on the social circle. Emma was starting to feel the burn of SnarkHampton; while she is getting closer to Cisco, the website’s owner Oz now seems to have it out for Hank. That’s our biggest cliffhanger there for next week. Grade: B.

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