‘The Flash’ spoilers: Prepare for another DC villain in Girder

The Flash -While “Arrow” tends to shy away for the most part from characters with superpowers, we are certainly not seeing that when it comes to its counterpart “The Flash.” As a matter of fact, this show seems to be embracing them at almost every step.

TVLine confirms that the show is getting ready to introduce the recurring role of Girder, who is a villain specifically of Barry Allen’s alter-ego who possesses the ability to turn his body into metal, making him almost unstoppable. The TV version of the character will be a former bully of Barry’s who somehow stumbles upon the powers. While it is unclear who will necessarily be the most notorious villain of the group that has been announced, the show has given themselves plenty to work with right now with Captain Cold coming on board, and with Caitlin Snow potentially becoming Killer Frost at some point in the future.

What we’re most intrigued at when it comes to this show right now is how the producers plan on making all of these villains with powers, and putting them in an environment where it still looks believable visually. This could be a really great way to mock major superhero movies with their massive budgets … who somehow still continue to struggle when it comes to making battles feel like anything other than CGI work. Sometimes, less is a little bit more, and “Arrow” has proven that by staging fantastic battles that are never over-the-top. (Thank James Bamford and the exemplary stunt team for that.)

“The Flash” will run its way onto The CW starting on Tuesday, October 7, but we will of course have a whole lot more news related to the show before that time. Want to get some more super-charged TV updates right now on everything we cover? Then head over to this link, where you can get further scoop via our official newsletter.

Photo: The CW

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