‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 7 review: Did Sookie save Bill Compton from death?

True Blood -Sunday night’s “True Blood” episode was entitled “May Be the Last Time,” and the question in the case of this particular hour was whose “last time” we could really see.

For a while, we wondered whether or not it was Bill Compton who was going to pass after his Hep-V started to accelerate much faster than it was supposed to. Sookie called for help from her fairy grandfather Niall for a last-minute favor, but this ended up being even more useless than we would have expected going into this. There was nothing of value that she got from other than a life lesson of sorts. She did at least appreciate that she could have Bill now, and kissed him as she decided to spend the rest of the night with him. (Yes, they had sex, as well.)

Andy – Seeing Andy break down over the possible loss of Adilyn got us all choked up. Also, he saw a reminder of what life was like outside of Bon Temps, and how he could be if he wasn’t stuck in this super-dangerous Louisiana town. Meanwhile, Andy’s daughter was at the mercy of Violet, who was out for some carnage and revenge.

Arlene – She’s found herself a new love! Specifically, we’re talking about Keith. It’s one of the most unlikely choices for a love interest we’ve seen from her, and that is what made her story fun. Later, she also made her best effort in order to convince Sam of the merits of being in Bon Temps.

Jason – Probably the most heartbreaking story of the hour, given that he had to spend a ton of time with Hoyt after he returned to mourn his mother.

Sarah – Things are not looking so hot for a resident cure. Gus and Eric are breathing down her neck now. Can we at least say that we loved seeing the return of Steve in here? The show is loving these cameos, and that has helped us to enjoy the final season more than at least the last two. Episode Grade: B+.

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Photo: HBO

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