‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers: Could Bryan Cranston direct season 2 episode?

Better Call Saul season 1There have been millions of questions over the past few years regarding whether or not Bryan Cranston could make a cameo appearance on “Better Call Saul” … and we’re starting to think now that we may have been asking one of the wrong questions.

Instead, the more logical question should have been whether or not Cranston could work on the show in a different capacity, given that he has experience directing TV and even helmed three episodes of “Breaking Bad.” It also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Walter White to appear in a show about a character he didn’t meet until the second season of the original AMC drama.

When asked about whether or not we could see Heisbenberg in a “Better Call Saul” episode during an interview with the Daily Beast, Cranston explained his intentions to direct, while also sharing why a Walt appearance probably wouldn’t work:

I don’t know in what context it would work in, because we’re in different phases. The characters didn’t meet until the second season of Breaking Bad, when Walter needed to meet him. I suppose they could have a serendipitous brush of each other down the street or in the market, but I don’t know what good that’ll do—it’s just a little cookie. I’m looking forward to going down there next year and directing an episode, though. It’s family. They’ve got the same crew, and it’s exciting to think that we can rekindle that flame; that it’s still alive.”

Of course we want to see Cranston direct! We’re a little concerned about “Better Call Saul” becoming more of a victory lap for the “Breaking Bad” cast than a show on its own, and this helps to ensure that there’s a different way to get Bryan involved.

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Photo: AMC

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