‘The Killing’ season 4 arrives on Netflix; how are you diving in?

The Killing -As someone who has been a major supporter of “The Killing” during its time on AMC, we are happy to see that it is back today. The twist? It’s back exclusively on Netflix.

As with all other shows to come on the streaming service, Linden, Holder, and the rest of the cast are adopting the “all episodes available at once” strategy made famous now by “Arrested Development” and “House of Cards.” For binge-watchers over the weekend, this is wonderful news.

For TV journalists, it’s a little tricky in trying to figure out the best way to cover it. We feel like there is sometimes value in watching every episode at once, much in the same way that trying to read an 800-page novel over a weekend causes you to forget huge chunks of it over time. You want to savor some of the individual moments.

However, at the same time there is an immediacy that comes with receiving all episodes at once. Many fans will burn through them quickly, not wait around for a new recap or review every week to follow along.

This is where we’re going to go with our coverage of “The Killing”: Starting tomorrow, we’ll publish a review of an episode a day until we get to the end. This at least gives us a day to digest each episode, and also has us wrapping up the story before it gets too late in the game and the show fades from your memory.

One thing that we can say for sure right now is this: We’re sure going to miss this show when it’s gone.

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Photo: Netflix

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