‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5, episode 8 review: Did Ali stage a Noel Kahn break-in?

Pretty Little Liars -Given that tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars” episode was entitled “Scream For Me,” you could probably assume that there was going to be trouble. Hanna is struggling with alcohol, Emily is trying to bail her and her story to Sydney out, and Aria is in the process of being the worst Maid of Honor of all time.

After starting to figure out some information about Bethany Young from Rhonda at Radley, Aria took it upon herself to play a little bit of Private Eye, but at the expense of her own mom getting married.

Here is the biggest problem that we have with tonight’s episode: The compete destruction of the Zack character. Wasn’t this dude supposed to be nice when he was around last year? Why is he suddenly a mustache-twirling terrible person who seems down to cheat on Ella with Hanna? Aria freaking out after hearing these accusations was way out of character … but we do at least think that she is starting to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, the problems with Hanna’s mom were a little bit different in that she started to care for Alison, only to find out soon after that there was someone else still seemingly out to get her. Tanner is not too interested in trusting her, and understandably so.

But the big reveal of the night came later with this story, when Ali revealed to the others that she had Noel Kahn specifically break into Ashley’s home in an effort to divert attention away from her story. It proved that there was someone else out there, and may help to take heat off of the Liars’ “New York” story. A risky move, but still an interesting one.

There were some moments in “Scream For Me” that were certainly eventful, including Emily and Spencer having to escape after being locked in a stable. Unfortunately, the episode was let down somewhat by the unbelievable situations. Aria flipping out on Hanna after all they’ve been through? Zack suddenly being a predator? These taint what could have otherwise been a good hour of TV. Grade: C.

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