‘Rising Star’ review: Dana Williams, Audrey Kate Geiger, Shameia Crawford, more battle

Rising StarWe’re back with another take on “Rising Star,” at least for all of you who are still hoping that this show evolves into something.

We’re going to be going through all of these battles once again with our take, and also whether or not there is anyone at this point who we are actually excited about.

Maneepat Maloy vs. Morgan Higgins – Not a lot of good news with these numbers. When the winner of the duel only gets 66% of the vote, you know that there’s trouble. It’s not actually like either one of these performances was necessarily bad, but they just didn’t excite. For a show that is actually about finding a real star, nobody has that sort of killer instinct needed.

Shameia Crawford vs. Unselfish – No real contest here. Shemeia barely made it through last time thanks to the West Coast, but she really brought out the fire tonight! A very good performance, and one better than the 70% America gave her. This country is becoming a little bit of the hard judge at this point.

Dana Williams vs. Audrey Kate Geiger – We feel pretty bad for Dana, who actually would have advanced through the first round tonight. Audrey was just legitimately great, and one of the few who improved from the first night. Dana will likely get the West Coast save.

Karen Hornsby vs. Joshua Peavy – The strangest battle of the night by a long shot. Karen seemed to admit that her own sad story was what propelled her to this point, and Kesha also basically said that she voted for her because of that. Wait, when did this not become a talent contest? We’re glad Joshua won, mostly because it should be about who is a better singer in the end.

Which one of these duels was your favorite on “Rising Star” Sunday night? Share your thoughts with a comment, and click here to get some more news worth singing about via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: HBO

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