’24’ season 10 debate: Would you prefer feature film, or new episodes?

24 -Given that “24” is still a topic of conversation now thanks to the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, now feels like as appropriate a time as any to raise the following question: What form would be best for the franchise to return in?

During the panel, the idea that probably got the most push from star Kiefer Sutherland and producer Jon Cassar was going back and doing a film of some sort revolving around these characters. Logistically, we understand why this is a good option. It’s easier to lock down the cast, and to come up with a story for something that is only a few hours of Jack Bauer’s life. It is also what was originally pitched for the future of the season after season 8, though the film plans never really materialized into anything.

So what’s the benefit for another season? The simplest answer to that is more “24.” You can get another 12 hours again over the course of the summer, and while you’d like to see Chloe O’Brian and some other familiar characters, even one featuring Jack alone would make many people happy. Also, we personally prefer things to continue on in the same medium in which they started. Take “Sex and the City,” for example: That was never conceived as a movie in the first place.

Either way, you already know that there will be zero decision made here for a while. Cassar and executive producer Howard Gordon are not in any hurry to figure this out, knowing that they instead want to make sure they tell the right story.

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