’24’ season 10: Kiefer Sutherland’s next TV project is…

24 -24: Live Another Day” is over, and it still sounds like the potential for either a movie based around the show or a season 10 is still there. However, there’s no story hammered out at the moment, and no timetable for when that will actually come to fruition.

So while we wait to figure out what comes next for the franchise (if anything), we may as well let you in on what Kiefer Sutherland will be up to next in the world of TV: A one-off special in Great Britain entitled “Playhouse Presents … Marked.” This will be a Sky Arts production, and it reunites Sutherland right away with Stephen Fry following his stint as Prime Minister Davies on “24: Live Another Day.” Kiefer obviously enjoyed working in London earlier this year, given the stories that he shared while at San Diego Comic-Con.

The one thing that continues to give us some hope right now for some further seasons or a movie for the show is that none of the major cast members have signed on to something so huge and ambitious that it would impede production in the semi-near future. This special is just a one-off, while Mary Lynn Rajskub and Yvonne Strahovski’s future projects have been reasonably under wraps. While we’d love to see the awesome Kate Morgan again, Chloe O’Brian is probably the only other “24” character that you need to see besides Jack Bauer. Maybe we’ll hear something more within the months ahead; based on the Comic-Con comments and past interviews, though, we don’t think next week is going to arrive with news that season 10 is coming out next summer.

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