NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ season 3 interview: More Comic-Con scoop on Jack Crawford, ‘Red Dragon’

NBC logoOur continuing coverage of “Hannibal” season 3 at Comic-Con continues today with a man who has been hard at work on the show for some time in writer / executive producer Steve Lightfoot. He and showrunner Bryan Fuller penned the epic season 2 finale, and they’ve plotted out already the general course for what next season will be.

While some of the details are still vague, save for the time-jump and the return of Chilton that Raul Esparza told us all about, Lightfoot was kind enough to share some of what has made writing and plotting out season 3 so exciting to this point:

“We kind of knew how we ended the last season … We knew it was again, almost like last season, in two chapters. There’s Hannibal on the road, and then we’ll do ‘Red Dragon’ after that. We started in the room with good sign-posts, and it’s kind of like a reboot of the show. We spent two seasons with no one but Will knowing who Hannibal was, and now everyone knows. He’s escaped and on the run, and everyone A) has to deal with their feelings about what happened, and B) how do they find him and go after him.”

We also asked Lightfoot specifically about the availability of one Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford, given that he will be doing double-duty in between this show and his new comedy “black-ish” over on ABC. Even though this may require more hammering out details when it comes to schedules, there is no real concern about whether or not he will be absent for key parts of the story:

“We haven’t started looking at his schedule yet. The great thing with Laurence is that he loves the show and is committed to it, and he is desperate to be in it and keep doing stuff. So in my experience we kind of find a way to make that stuff work. We might shoot in three days three episodes’ worth of material with him, and then off he goes again … That’s kind of the [beauty] of filming … I don’t think it’ll be a problem because everyone has the will to have [him stick around].”

Photo: NBC

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