‘Falling Skies’ season 4 spoilers: Changes for Lexi, the Espheni’s next move

The “Falling Skies” panel at Comic-Con this year may be our favorite one that the show has ever done, mostly because we really wish that David Eick had been running the show since the beginning. We feel like the politics and the stakes of this world are different than in the first two seasons especially, where it felt like the 2nd Mass was largely wandering around from one place to another.

Also, the presence of the Espheni has changed things in so many ways. For those who wondered whether or not Lexi was going to be only person of her kind, or if there would be other unusual individuals showing up in the future, just check out the following tease Eick gave to attendees of the convention:

“The Espheni are very immersed in genetics, the idea of altering, the idea of adapting, and corrupting, mutating. It’s a terrifying idea, one that resonates. It does feel like a kissing cousin of where we are in real life. Hopefully it’ll scare the s*** out of you.”

Eick also promised that we going to see more of the Espheni personality-wise over the next season and a half before the series finale airs:

“These characters are not of one mind. They’re not just a hive-like simplistic being. They might have differences with one another. They might have feelings for one another. They might have jealousies that could get in the way of their agenda. In season 5 we’ll explore that further.”

The other thing to watch out for really moving forward this season will be substantial change via the Lexi character. She will be altered both physically and emotionally by the time this year ends, which shouldn’t surprise anyone too much given how much she has changed already.

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