‘The Blacklist’ season 2 spoilers: The pressure with the Super Bowl episode

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe first thing that we have to say about getting the Super Bowl episode for any TV show is simple: It’s an honor. There are few programs that get this opportunity, and it is a chance to have a much larger audience than anything that you have ever seen before. More than likely, it is also a bigger audience than anything that you’ll see again.

So how do you prepare for something like that? It’s a challenge to make new viewers happy, while still pleasing old ones at the same time. This is even more challenging when you are a pretty serialized show like “The Blacklist.” Speaking to TVLine, executive producer John Eisendrath did his part to share how he and the writers are going about framing this super-unique hour of TV, especially when it is the first episode of the year when it airs in February, and it is leading up to a shift in the schedule from Mondays to Thursdays:

“We need to have a reason for people to need to come back when we move to Thursday, but… we hopefully design a story where if you’ve never watched the show, you still will be able to enjoy it.”

The one thing that we feel this show especially has going for it right now is the simple ability to be able to deliver on both counts when it comes to procedural and long-term stories. They benefit heavily from having a unique cast of villains that they can introduce and do away with in the spawn of a single episode. Our advice for the show would be to introduce a big-name guest star, get buzz going early, and the create a fantastic standalone case all about them with just enough story to keep devoted fans excited.

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Photo: NBC

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