‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 5 review: A Jordan Parrish surprise; bad lacrosse

What's next? -There are a few things that we learned here tonight with “Teen Wolf” season 4, but the biggest one here being that Liam does not exactly play well with others. It’s either that or others don’t play well with him.

Regardless of whatever you think, there is little disputing that tonight’s episode was a tough one for the character, as he had to deal a little bit more with the fact that a lacrosse field was basically turned into a battlefield in the worst way imaginable.

For all of you “Lost” fans out there, there’s a good chance that you enjoyed the Lydia story tonight. After all, it was a chance to deal with all sorts of madness involving numbers! Lydia had to figure out a pattern that Meredith gave to her, which in turn helped her to sort out the issue regarding the deadpool. Namely, Parrish is a supernatural creature! Also, we learned that he had a first name in “Jordan,” which we imagine could be news to quite a few of you out there.

The last thing that we’ll add in this review, save for the fact that Liam is in some mighty big trouble moving forward, is that Argent is going to have some major trouble of his own moving forward thanks to some reminders of “who he is.” This season is getting complicated, no? We just wish that there was more of this particular story to balance out the others. Also, we wish there was a little less lacrosse this week. We have a hard time buying some of these people as high schoolers at this point. Grade: B-.

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Photo: MTV

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