‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 6 spoilers: Could Nina Dobrev’s Elena die? Julie Plec responds

When you have a show like “The Vampire Diaries” that is so popular, especially with a certain youthful demographic who loves the internet and creating a variety of different fanfiction, you have to also go ahead and admit that there is a pretty good possibility that crazy rumors are going to get started up. In this case, that certainly happened with one regarding Nina Dobrev’s Elena.

The story for this tale basically goes as follows: Elena gets so distraught and sad at the thought of losing Damon forever that she decides that she wants to take her own life, and then join Ian Somerhalder’s character, wherever he may be.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like this is going to happen. Show executive producer Julie Plec addressed it in a TVLine interview, and made it clear that she does not want to make one of her main female characters to be that desperate for the affection of someone else:

“I’ll just say that I think it’d be super sad for a young woman in her vibrant, early years to take her life and die on the sword for the love of a man. As much as I am a romantic and believe in true love, I also believe in therapy and trying to pull yourself together and getting on with your life.”

All in all, we’d say a smart move here on Plec’s part. We know that we are going to find out where Damon is at some point early during season 6, so there is no real reason to worry about that. (The same goes for Bonnie.) The larger question that comes up next is if there is a way for him to escape this fate, and end up around the rest of the characters again.

What did you think about this rumor, and about Plec’s response? Share below.

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