‘The Flash’ spoilers: ‘Prison Break’ alum set to play Captain Cold

The CW is wasting no time at all getting some iconic villains from “The Flash” universe into the world of the show … especially those who are tied to sub-zero temperatures.

The show already has Caitlin Snow (a.k.a. Killer Frost) as a part of their regular cast, and while she is technically more of an adversary of Firestorm, that’s not an issue so much now given that Robbie Amell has been cast to play at least one-half of that character. (We’re sure that sentence is confusing for non-comic fans, but he merges with another to become the classic hero.)

Now, it has bee confirmed courtesy of the show’s panel at TCA that Wentworth Miller of “Prison Break” fame is going to appear starting in the show’s fourth episode as Leonard Snart, otherwise known as nefarious foe Captain Cold. We’ve never thought that this was the greatest name for a villain in the history of mankind, but at least the show is staying true to some of its roots. We can never really hate them for that.

Show executive producer Andrew Kreisberg also made an effort at the event to show that the story of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is not being set up at all to mirror what we have seen from Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen on “Arrow.” It is intended to be different, and that is ultimately a part of the appeal:

“We weren’t looking to do the same show twice … We weren’t looking for the same kind of hero that Stephen portrays. We wanted someone more normal, who had greatness thrust upon them.”

Based on everything that we know about “The Flash” so far, we are nothing other than confident that this will be a million kinds of awesome when it premieres on Tuesday, October 7.

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