‘Halt and Catch Fire’ episode 7 review: Everyone forgot about the farmer

After a couple of episodes early on that made it relatively unclear just what the story on “Halt and Catch Fire” would be, the show reminded us on Sunday night that this is something that should not be messed with.

Tonight’s episode was mostly another step in the right direction, but we are still struggling with one part of it that we cannot ignore: Donna. We really like the character, and we didn’t in the early going. We don’t even have a huge problem with the fact that she kissed her boss, given that Gordon is isolated most of the time, she is lonely, and he was certainly acting flirtatious. This is why we’re confused about how when she made a move on him at the hotel and kissed him, he suddenly acted all confused. We don’t feel, either, like this was him being manipulative; the story was almost trying to make us buy that he just wasn’t into her and she misread his feelings.

If we can ignore that little piece of the episode, most of the rest was fantastic as we started to get a greater sense of Joe’s sexuality, and Cameron’s own skills when it comes to being devious and getting the job done. In this story, she proved that she is much more than a programmer who has bouts of immaturity and anger (though those moments do still exist). She and Joe together managed to convince Joe’s former lover to design the case, and another problem is therefore taken care of. Through seeing these interactions, though, Cameron started to realize what kind of lover Joe is: He moves on the moment he is bored.

But it is the title of this article that we found the most beautiful: “Everyone forgot about the farmer.” This was a part of a metaphorical story that Gordon told his children, and it came at a time when Joe was squeezing out his ideas, and right before his wife locked lips on another man. Everyone forgets about him, and he may not be able to be that engineering giant he needs to be unless someone stops him from looking for literal giants in a hole in the ground. The man is literally starting to lose it. Grade: B.

What did you think about this episode, and do you feel like this show is continuing to take big leaps forward? Share below.

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