’24: Live Another Day’ finale spoilers: Jack Bauer, Chloe O’Brien talk it out

24 -Can Jack Bauer really trust Chloe O’Brien? We understand why he may have a doubt or two, given that he saw her take off with Adrian Cross a little earlier on in this “24: Live Another Day” season.

However, he is now in the pretty-precarious position with her where he really does have to trust her if he wants to utilize her in taking down Cheng Zhi once and for all. We still feel like she can be trusted, though, given the two’s history, and just as Chloe says in the sneak peek below, he really doesn’t have a whole lot of other friends out there. She explains to him that she was working with Cross on the override device, but had no idea in the process that he was anyone different than who he claimed to be. Thanks to where we are now with the torpedo and the possibility of a World War III looming, it’s understandable that Chloe is taking all of this pretty hard and is putting much of the blame on her own shoulders. With all of that being said, this is not really a situation where Jack has the time to make her feel better.

So why isn’t he getting some help from the CIA in stopping Cheng? He also explains that very well, at least in that his former captor has Audrey at gunpoint, and the only way that he can stop him is by being as badass as possible making sure that Cheng does not detect any other agents on the scene.

All this preview tells us in the end is that we are close to an epic end to the season and maybe the series. Hopefully, it is going to match all of our expectations and then some.

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Photo: Fox

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