‘Veep’ season 4: Where Tony Hale could see Gary’s story going next

Veep -There aren’t many opportunities during the “Veep” offseason to really discuss the show’s future, and much of the reason for that is simple: This is not a spoiler-heavy show, or one that really feels the need to release a lot of what is going to be coming up in advance. Those who want to watch the show will just watch it, and they don’t have to be baited or pressed in order to do so by watching a ton of previews.

While Tony Hale may not know a whole lot about what is going to head ahead for Gary right now, the reigning Emmy champ, while speaking to Entertainment Weekly about what could lie ahead, said basically that he would be beyond find if Selina Meyer’s right-hand man did very little other than just stick right by her side all season long:

Hopefully [he will be going] nowhere. Hopefully he’s going to be right by her side, as co-dependently and dysfunctional as possible. Gary every now and then branches off. Second season, he had a girlfriend, and that did not end well. This past season, he wanted to branch off with other roles, and that did not go well. With her in this new position, obviously the bar is a lot higher, so he’s going to have to step up. As much as Gary loves Selina, he’s not a fan of change. I think he likes the world to stay exactly where it is. He’s in a whole new ball game right now, so I don’t know how he’s going to adapt.”

Hale is one of those guys right now who really has the luxury to be able to enjoy success thanks largely to all that he has been through. He’s a guy who has been in the business for decades, but is finally now getting the attention he deserves.

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Photo: HBO

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