‘Fargo’ season 2 spoilers: Show boss on early ideas, staying close to source material

We’ve hinted that a “Fargo” season 2 renewal is coming up at some point in the near future, and while we do not have official confirmation on this just yet, we feel almost like what the show’s boss is saying right now is almost all the confirmation we need.

Speaking out in a brand-new interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the future, executive producer Noah Hawley made it clear that he has another idea for 10 episodes spinning around in his brain, and he would like to stay at least reasonably close to the tone and style of his inspiration in the Coen Brothers:

“In success no ever really does a mic drop and walks away … If I told FX that it was my best work, they would be thrilled with the success of it right now. But I feel like I’m close on a new idea for another Fargo 10-hour idea that we’ll talk about in the coming weeks … What’s really interesting about this exercise of emulating a movie, as a storyteller, is having available to me a whole body of work. The Coen brothers are so varied, from Raising Arizona to A Serious Man, there’s so much.”

Beyond this, of course Hawley is not saying too much, including whether or not any of the original cast members would return. All of them have to be feeling rather happy right now, though, given the Emmy nominations for both the miniseries and actors Colin Hanks, Allison Tolman, Billy Bob Yhornton, and Martin Freeman announced a little earlier this morning.

For now, we’ll continue to speculate about what a second season could be, but we’re willing to give Hawley a lot of slack and freedom here given that we were so skeptical of this series to begin with, and it ended up being a hit beyond the realm of our imagination.

Where do you want to see the “Fargo” story go next? Let us know in the comments.

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