‘Royal Pains’ season 6, episode preview: Can Evan really build a hospital?

Evan Lawson is a man with many crazy schemes in his head, and few were as crazy as what was starting to cross his mind on Tuesday night’s “Royal Pains” episode: The idea that he could somehow find a way to get the money together to have a makeshift hospital to challenge Hamptons Heritage is crazy … but he may have no other choice. With rates for equipment skyrocketing over there, it’s either try to find another way to serve your clients, or (cue dramatic repose) the business falls apart for good.

The key to everything is going to be the new man in town named Ray, and this is further proved by the title for next week’s episode being “Everybody Loves Ray, Man.” You can check out some preliminary details all about it via the synopsis below:

The chef at Ray’s new restaurant seems to be getting drunk on the job, but Hank believes it’s not just a matter of hitting the bottle. Divya treats a NASCAR crew chief who channels his anxiety into an unexpectedly dangerous habit. Evan’s friendship with Ray helps him find a promising space for HankMed’s new lab, but Jeremiah has concerns about the location. And while Hank tries to get Emma to think about her future, Divya makes an important decision about her own.”

One thing that isn’t mentioned here is the biggest concern we have right now: Should Evan really be taking his money from Ray? This is a guy who pays in cash, and there are already many suspicions about what sort of business he is involved in. In the end, we could see everyone falling on their faces down the road.

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