David Letterman walks out of own interview with Joan Rivers

Late Show -If Joan Rivers really did walk out of a recent CNN interview promoting her book for publicity, as some have accused her of doing, then David Letterman got the same exact thing out of his own chat with the comedienne today.

Prior to tonight’s episode of “The Late Show,” CBS released a clip of Dave hilariously walking off the stage in the middle of his interview, which in turn led to Joan trying to interview herself. Before this, there was a pretty funny back-and-forth that proved that Rivers is one of the most polarizing people in the business. If you love her, you probably thought there were a few great zingers in here about commercials and doing some of the press junket interviews that she does.

While it’s hard to say whether or not Rivers was completely in on the joke here, we have a pretty good indicator that she probably appreciated it. She’s smart enough to know a good opportunity for humor, even if it comes at her own expense.

Hopefully, this is just a warm-up for Dave over the next several months, as he is looking to end “The Late Show” at some point next year. Joan would be on the list of the 20 or so people we’d want to see him do at least one more interview with … and this list also has to include Joaquin Phoenix and Paris Hilton, if for no other reason than that they have produced two of the most memorable moments of Letterman’s TV career the past few decades.

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Photo: CBS

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