‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5, episode 5 review: Who is Bethany Young?

Pretty Little Liars -This 100th episode of “Pretty Little Liars” has been hyped almost since season 4 ended, and for one particularly huge reason: This is when there were many answers promised about Ali,  Mona, and so much more.

One thing we were surprised by? That at least four minutes of this episode was spent with kissing scenes. Aria and Ezra got back together finally, Toby and Spencer had another love scene that contained everything other than Toby taking his shirt off (His go-to move), and Emily ended up hooking up with … Alison? Well, this story is starting to pick up steam again, but you have to question already what her motives are. Ali always has motives.

The unfortunate thing for her this time around is that she was outsmarted this time by Mona, who concocted a plan to infuriate Ali using some threats … and also a video recorder.

As crazy as all of this was, nothing compared to the final five minutes of what we had tonight. This is when the identity of the young girl in Ali’s grave was proven to be none other than a Bethany Young, who was a patient at Radley who escaped the night that Ali was seemingly killed. (Interesting, no?) Just when that started to settle in, the explosion happened. Toby’s house is seemingly gone, and while everyone appears safe for the time being, the operating word there is of course “appears.” It’s hard to really say until the story picks up again.

Oh, and we should mention that “A” is back, and while that reveal was chilling, it was the most predictable part of the episode. Given the show’s recent two-season renewal, everyone knew that this villain wasn’t going anywhere just yet. That still did not put too much of a damper on what was a crazy-good episode. Grade: A-.

A few other things we’ve yet to mention:

  • If we were Spencer, we’d be thrilled at a chance to get out of here at this point.
  • Is Caleb’s new hairdo the reflection of his emo attitude? Also, nothing in “Ravenswood” appears resolved at all.
  • Did Disney put out a mandate for the majority of their shows to reference “Frozen”?
  • We definitely feel like Paige is going to have a bad time when she hears about her ex’s latest fling…

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Photo: ABC Family

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