‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 6: Nina Dobrev says what we’re all thinking

There are many questions that we commonly ask ourselves while watching: “The Vampire Diaries,” including how all these vampires are so good-looking, why is a tiny town the hotbed of supernatural activity, and how in the world do these people afford all of their fancy costumes for the Decade Dances.

However, there is one question that tends to stand out above all: Why in the world do these people stay in Mystic Falls? This is a town that has become known for terrible things happening and people dying and by this logic, this is the last place you’d want to be. We’ve heard of town loyalty, but this is ridiculous.

It’s therefore nice to see that we are not the only person asking such questions, given that at least a few people associated with the show itself wonder the same thing. When asked by BuzzFeed if there was any advice she would give to Elena, Nina Dobrev kept it short, sweet, and very appropriate:

“Run. Like the wind. Get the f**k out of that town.”

We suppose she did to an extent in heading to college, but she for whatever reason always seemed to find her way back. A reasonably comparison here is someone who says that they are cutting out chocolate to lose weight, but then goes and buys a Hershey bar every time that they are at the store and see one on the shelf. Don’t just do something because it’s convenient and familiar! Maybe the end of the series will feature Elena taking off and having a reasonably-normal life, but that may still be a ways away.

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