‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: Charlie Hunnam talks frustrating ‘death’ rumor

Jax -Typically, we’ve come to learn one thing about these internet death rumors: They come up at this point on a pretty regular basis, and almost every single one of them is false. Some people, such as Eddie Murphy, have died around a million or so times in various skiing accidents.

So what was the reason that the one tied to “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam got so much attention earlier this month? The biggest reason is that the death hoax trend had stopped around a year ago, and things had been pretty quiet until this one came up again.

So how does Charlie himself respond to the fact that the internet was briefly freaking out about him maybe dying? As you would expect, he’s not exactly that thrilled about it. Speaking to TMZ while (ironically) getting on a motorcycle recently,

“A couple of my friends called me, kind of panicked. It’s kind of in bad taste, really, to joke about people dying.”

The primary reason that we knew that this one was fake (outside of the obvious that it came from some random / unsourced part of the internet) was mostly that Charlie himself was in the process of filming “Sons of Anarchy” at that point; meanwhile, he supposedly died somewhere in Europe. These death hoax people are so desperate for attention sometimes, they don’t even bother trying to make up different reasons for the people getting killed. (Usually, it’s in some sort of skiing / snowboarding accident.)

You will get an opportunity to see Hunnam continue to live out the journey of Jax Teller in September, when “Sons of Anarchy” most likely returns for its final season. Given that the material here is inspired by “Hamlet,” it is easy for many viewers already to wonder whether or not there are some tragic things heading Jax’s way.

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Photo: FX

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