‘Crossbones’ episode 4 review: Who is the Woman in White?

Crossbones -Crossbones” is a show that likes to play around with mystery, and it is also one apparently that likes to play around with costumes. Who else cringed at the sight of Blackbeard in a powder wig? It was definitely something that threw us for a minute or two, but that was not even the biggest surprise of the night. That was saved for the final minute or two.

As it turns out, the mysterious Woman in White may be more than a figment of the Commodore’s imagination, but there are still many questions out there regarding who she is, what she wants, and more. At least this gives the show an unknown element, and mixes things up going forward. The show really needed it after tonight. There were many slow moments, and we really don’t care too much about any of the characters that are not Blackbeard, Thomas Lowe, or to an extent Kate.

The biggest problem with “Crossbones” at this point seems to be merely the pace. There are episodes (last week) where things seem to feel like a genuine pirate romp, and then times (see this week) where they are plodding. Most of the coolest stuff tonight came in the last ten minutes, where there was also a copious amount of treasure.

Maybe we are doomed to consistently have a love / hate relationship with this show. We keep watching because of John Malkovich, and because we hope it is going somewhere. But for the length of the season and the promise of the premise, we hope it finds that “somewhere” soon. Grade: C.

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Photo: NBC

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