‘Big Brother 16’ review: The next HoH, and the first member of Team America

Big Brother -The second night of the “Big Brother 16” premiere proved to be just as eventful, and exciting, as the first. There were more likable players, a fun (even if uninspired) Head of Household Competition, and some good and bad moves made.

Not only that, but Julie Chen announced at the end the first recipient of the Team America vote … even if we are not entirely convinced that it will matter very much.

Meeting the Players – It took almost zero time at all for Zach to prove himself to be mostly hype and little substance, as he pretty much insulted Frankie to his face despite the guy being Head of Household. Caleb also was a complete disaster, bragging about how amazing he is and worrying almost everyone.

As for who impressed us, Christine had a great attitude right away and doesn’t make herself out to be a threat at all. Meanwhile, Derrick also did a great job! We don’t get the “lying about his job” thing, but he did bond quickly with others and felt down-to-earth.

The next Head of Household – Is Caleb. There’s not a whole lot else to say here, other than that he made himself out to be the biggest threat known to mankind. This guy is crazy, and a little bit clueless, if he thinks that this is going to work for him. He may have a few weeks left, but nobody will take him to the end. The only thing he gets out of this is nominating two players, even though he could still go home, anyway.

Team America – Wait, it’s JOEY? Seriously? We thought that this was for sure going to be Frankie, which is cool to us since it suggests that Ariana Grande may not have the control online that we think. (We’re also sure that there will be conspiracies aplenty on this.)

Overall, this reveal was the icing on the cake for us, since it gave us a shake-up on what was already a pretty fun episode. We cannot wait to get into the feeds to figure out some more news about these players. You’ll be able to check all of that out over at the link here throughout the season. Episode Grade: B+.

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Photo: CBS

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