‘Big Brother 16’ review: The first of two Head of Households, Team America, and more

Big Brother -Big Brother 16” is back, and are you not entertained? Tonight brought us shirtless guys, a woman who does not know “four” in Spanish, and a Head of Household Competition that led us thinking about ten or twelve things that we cannot write down here. It’s a family site, people!

Above all, we were at least entertained with the hour. We’ve got a good sense of the first eight (or “Crazy Eight,” as they called themselves like an alliance that will last about a week), and we also learned who is at least half of the first Head of Household of the season.

BUT FIRST, some observations from those introductory packages!

  • Did Cody cheer for himself when he scored a goal without a goalie in the net?
  • Devin compared himself to The Rock, just so we don’t have to.
  • Most importantly, why does the show even bother with these fake segments anymore? Do they really expect us to believe that these people have cameras with them all the time?

These eight houseguests later made their own introductions to each other, which was mostly entertaining because of Donny … save for the fact that Amber had a thing for Devin, whereas Devin had a thing for … Joey? Please let this showmance happen because it would be one of the most random ones in the history of the game (or at least right up there with Amanda and McCrae).

Eventually, we of course got to the random strategy talk, where Paola reminded us again that she has no real clue about the game’s history. Yes, “Quatro” was a name on “Big Brother Canada” and not the US version, but still. She also wants to romance Cody. Did we mention that we picked “Pau Pau” to be the first person to be evicted? We believe that we did. This alliance name is dumb, and we seriously think that Pau Pau is ironically going to be the one to ruin it because of her mad crush on Cody.

When we eventually got to the first Head of Household Competition, the major thing we realized is that Joey is a terrible player. Are you revealing your alliance this early by cheering for the ladies? Frankie won it, so that means that he gets the honor of not being safe, but STILL getting the blood on your hands.

Eventually, Julie Chen informed Frankie on the “twist” that there will be another HoH. We already know about the Battle of the Block competition, which will narrow down the HoH to just one, along with their set of nominees. Also, there is a Team America twist that will form a three-person alliance that America will force to do “secret missions.” As long as they have no added power in the game, we’re good.

In terms of our overall enjoyment of the premiere, we really liked this “two-night” format. It gave us more of a chance to get to know everyone tonight better than we would have otherwise, and there are therefore some we like (Devin, Donny, Joey, and Nicole), and those we don’t (Cody, Paola). Grade: B+.

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Photo: CBS

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