‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 20 review:

Monday night’s new episode of “Beauty and the Beast” existed to answer the question about whether or not Cat and Vincent could ever function together outside of New York and their friends, and the answer we got as a response to that was pretty clear: No. Specifically, the two of them struggled when it comes to abandoning most of the life that they have.

For example, Cat is always going to be a cop. We saw that when she tried to throw herself into a tough situation when she really didn’t need to, and we also saw with his actions to clear up a case she threw herself into in a small town that Vincent is not going to be the sort of guy who lets Cat drown. He is going to rescue her, even when she doesn’t need rescuing.

In the end, Vincent and Cat realized that they just cannot hide and pretend to be people that they are not. There wasn’t a whole lot else that really happened in here, unless you count Gabe still being on the run despite further questioning, and JT and Tess picking up where our leading man and lady left off in the investigation. Also, we learned that Gabe is willing to go as far as to potentially sell himself out, at least if it means putting a stop to Vincent and his ways. That’s right: The hatred has now stooped to this level.

“Ever After” was solid, but we have to admit that we’re more excited knowing what the future could bring in the final two episodes. Grade: B-.

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