‘Orphan Black’ season 2 finale review: What is Project Castor?

Big news -For a few minutes near the end of the “Orphan Black” finale on Saturday night, we started to believe that maybe everyone was going to be okay. After all, what is better than a Clone Club dance party? This was in part random, but also awesome to see Tatiana Maslany basically play almost everyone in a scene. (Would it have been to expensive to get “Dancing With Myself” playing in the background?)

Then, things of course all hit the fan after that in a series of shocks that basically demanded that the show be renewed for a third season. (We don’t know if that is happening or not just yet.) It only makes sense that there would be male clones out there, but … Mark? This was the reveal to end all revels to Sarah’s face that we wonder how to process much of everything else. This adds a whole new dimension to the show, and a complexity that the next season will have to explore. Project Castor is the name of the project (natch) that has been working on this, and that smile at the end was definitely creepy.

There were obviously some other events in here that have to be discussed, including Helena’s meeting and consequent kidnapping that proves further that she is one of the most miserable people imaginable who just seems destined to have one terrible thing after another happen to her.

Also, Cosima is still alive! For now, at least. We’ve learned not to get too excited about anything. Rachel is the one who is in bad shape right now. A pencil in the eye will do that to you.

Overall, the finale brought quite a bit of craziness to the table, and somehow paid off a few weeks that were starting to get a little too dense and complicated. We still have many questions (why Mark?), but this finale was a fun and fantastic thrill ride that has us invested in the future. Grade: A-.

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Photo: BBC America

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