‘Fargo’ season 2: Show boss explains how concept could (in theory) work

The one thing that most in the TV community are in consensus about right now is that “Fargo” is an amazing work in the medium. It is intense, emotional, and tells a crime story in a way that few other shows have.

It is really the quality of this programming that has made the clamoring for season 2 as loud as it has been. When you have a good thing, it’s of course natural that people want more. However, we reported recently that the only way that head writer / showrunner Noah Hawley will move forward with more is if there is a story worth telling.

Why would he consider making more? If the story is worth it, it is because the opportunity is there to tell another story within this same universe, even if it doesn’t include a single character that we saw in the first season. Based on his comments to E! News, it seems unlikely that anyone would appear as a major part of the story moving forward:

“When I went in to pitch FX , I said the thing about the movie Fargo is that it’s only the first scene of the movie is set in Fargo. But they call it Fargo. Because the word is so evocative. So for us, it has to sort of become a metaphor. It’s a state of mind. It’s a type of true crime case that’s not true. And with a certain eccentricity of detail. It’s like Blue Velvet, it’s what’s underneath the surface of ordinary life.

“I like the image that there’s a big book out there, that’s leatherbound with illustrations that’s The History of True Crime in the Midwest. And the movie was chapter one. And the story we just old is chapter two. And we can do just another chapter. I did like that you started out the season thinking that the first season was not connected to the movie in any way and then you realize that it is.”

There is a part of us that wants to see Molly again, but that same part doesn’t since it takes away the perfect ending that she has now. That’s why, as great as she is, you have to let Allison Tolman go and find another great role for her. There are so many other great actors out there who can be found for another story.

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