‘Fargo’ season 2: Is there a plan to bring it back?

Throughout this week, we have routinely praised the greatness of “Fargo” for delivering what was by all accounts a stellar season finale. There were great performances, a wonderful ending, and also more evidence that television does not need to bait you into watching a full series anymore. They are starting to be content with the true concept of a “limited series,” and we could not be happier over that.

When we discussed a possible second season, the only real requirement that we had was that they at least try to not feel pressure to do it. Create a new story, a new world, and then find the right people to get on board. Luckily, it feels as though the folks behind the scenes are on the same page here as we are. Speaking to TV Guide, showrunner Noah Hawley made it clear that while there have been talks about continuing the project, nothing has been confirmed and everyone is more inclined to take their time:

In the conversations I’ve had with FX, none of us are interested in doing this again unless we do it as well or better. That’s really on me to sort of figure out if there is another story. Like with writing a novel, there’s a difference in planning a complete story versus starting a series. You’re starting a series, then you have good premise and good characters, and you can see a little bit into the distance and figure the rest out. In doing a complete story, you have to know what the story is. There’s no reason to start it unless you know how it’s going to end.”

What we take from this is ultimately rather simple: You are probably not going to see another season on at the same time next year. If there is another chapter, it could come down the road, and when it’s ready. This is a pattern that we are seeing now with shows like “Better Call Saul,” which are being given the proper time to develop rather than being forced to rush into something with high expectations.

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