‘Sing Your Face Off’ finale: Did Landry Fields, Tracy Ann McClain actually win?

Sing Your Face Off -The most shocking thing about Saturday’s two hours of “Sing Your Face Off” is mostly that someone was actually the winner at the end of it. How can someone win this? Are we all winners, or losers, for having gone through this experience together?

In the end, the trainwreck came sputtering to the station with the finale, which saw some of the following incredibly-ridiculous things transpire over the course of the hour:

  1. Debbie Gibson doing an “impression” of Cher that probably merited herself scoring it a 3 out of 10. Darrell Hammond was better as Sonny Bono, even though he has no real ability to song.
  2. China Anne McClain, who has been proclaimed by this show as the greatest human being of all time, winning … which makes sense, given that she seemed to be the one most interested in taking this seriously. The rest were far too jaded for that to ever happen … except Landry. We still don’t understand why Landry did this.
  3. Despite being eliminated in the first half of the finale, Jon Lovitz was revived with Sebastian Bach to do a truly appalling cover of LMFAO that was worthy of a sixth and fifth-place finish on a Saturday-night ABC reality show.

As much grief as we’ve given this show, and as much grief as it deserves, we’re probably going to miss it. It was just so silly and almost intentionally bad that it was easy to go along for the ride. The only thing we really feel like the finale lacked was host John Barrowman dressing up like Malcolm Merlyn and claiming that he was going to destroy them all. The only thing this show was really lacking to up the cheese factor was a supervillain.

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Photo: NBC

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