‘Bates Motel’ season 3: Series exec making sure show has defined end

Bates Motel -How long can a show like “Bates Motel” last? This is an appropriate question to ponder, since this is not some show that has an open ending years down the road. As much as they may change a thing here or there from the “Psycho” movie, you have to assume that they are not going to end things in a completely different place than you would think.

With this in mind, executive producer Carlton Cuse is working hard to doing something that he also put some time and effort into with “Lost”: Making sure that there is a proper ending to the story that is not rushed. Speaking at the ATX Television Festival (via Variety), Cuse maintained that he working hard to ensure that conversations with A&E about an end happen soon, and are concrete:

“I feel like we don’t want to do a literal version of what is in the movie, because that would feel anticlimactic … The specifics of exactly what happens to them, we have some ideas that I think are good, but it’ll be part of the unique world of our story. This is not a show that should run for 10 years. We feel like this year, we’ll have a pretty good sense of when it’s gonna end … a couple more seasons after that, perhaps? I would hope that we could work that out with Universal and A&E and tell the audience exactly how much longer is left.”

If we ended up having our say on this, we would personally vote for the show lasting until the end of season 4. That gives you two more years to further watch Norman’s descent, and it leaves the series on a high note. Of course there is a part of us that wants much more than that (it’s an awesome show), but we’ve learned that it is often better to not be greedy about such things.

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Photo: A&E

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