‘Suits’ season 4, episode 1 review: Mike and Harvey hold nothing back

SuitsSuits” returned to the air on Wednesday night, and we have to give the writers credit for wasting almost no time at all in getting things going. Mike and Harvey are close to being at war, Jessica had some love in her life (albeit briefly), and Rachel made it clear to Harvey that her personal and professional worlds do not necessarily have to overlap.

Basically, the general theme for this episode is that Mike and Harvey are currently wrapping up in what can be best described as a flexing contest, which each person trying to jostling for power over plans, conflicts, Walter Gillis, and more. Who was the winner of this round? Based on his own journey getting to Gillis, we’d say that Mike has this battle … but he definitely doesn’t have the war just yet. There’s no guarantee that this plan is going to be in lockdown, especially when you have Rachel in the middle.

This leads us to the big surprise of the night: Rachel’s connection to Logan Sanders. That is the married man that she previously slept with, and given the fact that Harvey now has him signed on, this means some major problems for her.

As for the other characters, Louis Litt prepared himself to take hold of a major coup within the firm, while Donna tried desperately to be the voice of reason for Harvey … to no avail. She didn’t have that much to do tonight in terms of personal stuff, but we know that more is coming.

In general, this was a heck of a great premiere, made even greater by some of the “Suits” trademarks: Great writing, a fun cat-and-mouse, and stories for supporting characters that are also worthwhile. Grade: A-.

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