‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 18 review: Equilibrium or something like it

Monday night’s episode of “Beauty and the Beast” did a good job of delivering many things, but it also did something to us that was rather surprising: Ending in a way that could have worked for a season finale.

Think about where we are now for a second. Vincent and Cat are back together, even though the former has to lay in hiding still as the whole “exonerate him” scheme with the United Nations mission (cool as it was) went utterly nowhere. Meanwhile, Tess picked a side and is going to continue to trust and support her friends, JT was released from police custody since there was nothing to charge him with, and Gabe lost out for the time being.

In a sense, Gabe really is the only loose end that is currently out there, and we’re not quite sure how to feel about him right now. The writers may have missed a chance to plant some better seeds the past few weeks that he still had this level of hate in him, given the turnaround here was quick and shocking. If characters are capable of going on an emotional 180 this quick on this show, then we never quite now how anyone is going to react to something. Granted, Gabe is also not an ordinary character, and we don’t see him as a villain so much as a guy who was emotionally hurt by Cat and Vincent, and is channeling that anger. He has a point in that Vincent is dangerous, but he is not seeing the forest through the threes that this danger can be used for good since he has so much heartbreak within him.

This episode was largely a mixed bag thanks to the way that it was presented to us; Gabe as a villain was a distraction, and the FBI agents and the United Nations plan literally came out of nowhere. Still, we have little question that the action sequences in here were fantastic, and it served as yet another reminder that this is where the show shines the most. Grade: B-.

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