‘Arrow’ season 3: John Barrowman on Stephen Amell and so much more

More scoop -If we were to make a top ten list at some point of the greatest people to possible see while at a comic convention, John Barrowman would have to be near the top. The man is almost an Energizer Bunny when it comes to how he bounces around the stage, and he really gets you involved in every story that he tells, whether it be about “Torchwood,” “Arrow,” or something else entirely.

So watching the video below of Barrowman from Phoenix Comic-Con this past weekend is pretty darn delightful, given that he tells a number of entertaining anecdotes … including a great one about Stephen Amell doing push-ups. Also, his way of hiding information about the future of the show (hint: It contains him skipping around the stage) is all kinds of wonderful.

Basically, you will probably promise yourself to watch only five minutes of this video at a time, and then before you know it you will have sat through almost the entire hour without noticing. (Trust us: We know how this feels very well at the moment.) John is getting in some of these conventions now, given that his schedule is going to start to become rather busy again in a matter of just a month. He is a series regular on “Arrow” season 3, which starts filming in July and should premiere on The CW in October. The motivations of Malcolm Merlyn are not entirely clear just yet, but we have to imagine that he is going to remain very complicated now that Thea Queen is at his side.

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Photo: The CW

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