‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 16: Watch a (fake) opening scene

Law & Order: SVU logo“Law & Order: SVU” may not be on NBC again with new episodes until this fall, but who is opposed to catching a quick glimpse of it early? We expect that the answer that is close to no one.

Well, the thing with is that the “scene” we have HERE is a joke, but it’s a pretty funny one. The writers posted the video below via their Instagram account, which to us further proves that just because you work on a show that is extremely dark and serious at times does not mean that you have lost your capacity altogether for having fun. (We really don’t want to say too much within the context of this article, mostly because that would spoil everything and ruin the vast majority of the fun with it.

The writing staff is back at work already on crafting what some of the arcs and episodes are going to be for this landmark 16th season. Why do we keep saying “landmark”? Mostly because at this point, every season has to be considered that. It’s remarkable that a show has stuck around for this long with people like Mariska Hargitay still in the cast, who was there back in the very beginning. That mostly is a testament to the sort of work environment this is … even if, as mentioned, sometimes the work can be very tough and intense.

As for when there will be some more legitimate scoop on new episodes, think around the time of mid-July. That is when the fall TV season starts to really ramp up from a production point of view.

Photo: NBC

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