‘Royal Pains’ season 6: Mark Feuerstein has no interest in show ending

When “Royal Pains” was renewed for a fifth and sixth season a couple of years ago, we know that there were some people out there shuddering at the thought that this may have been one of those renewals that was really meant to carry through to the end of the series.

Could this summer really be the last time that we take a trip to this show’s version of the Hamptons? We hope not, and it seems that at least one of the show’s cast members feels the same way. Speaking to E! News, Mark Feuerstein made it clear that he has no intention of the show going away anytime soon:

 “It’s season six, shows are not necessarily allowed to go beyond season seven or season eight, but I want both of those because I love this show, I love the actors I get to work with. The writing is amazing, but at the very latest by season eight we may have to say goodbye to Dr. Hank Lawson … I’m thrilled to be that show and I hope they never get rid of us.”

Note that Mark is saying season 8 not so much because of his own desire to end the show then, but rather due to the history of USA over the years. Both “Monk” and “Psych” ended at that point. If “Royal Pains” does go on, ut will help to represent a very specific era of USA shows for a while longer. If you look at most other programs from its generation, most of them are gone or ending now with the exception of maybe “Covert Affairs.” (“White Collar” is ending later this season.)

How long do you want to see “Royal Pains” around for? Let us know below.

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