‘Fargo’ season 2 spoilers: Could there really be more to this story?

So far, one of the surprises of the spring TV season has been FX’s brilliant, at times chilling “Fargo.” Typically when you have an adaptation like this, you understandably worry about whether or not there is a way for the new version to come even remotely close to the original. We personally consider the TV show and the movie to be two entirely different beasts, but the good news regardless is that they are each bringing some pretty excellent things to the table.

With its success, you have to wonder whether not this “limited series” is clearly going to end up being so. It’s possible that there could be another season, and who knows? It may even continue along the story that we’re seeing now. This is at least something that Allison Tolman (Molly) discussed in a conference call recently per SpoilerTV:

“I know that they’re discussing it, and discussing if they do have a second season, or a second installment in the anthology, which actors might make it through to another season, what time it will be placed in [and so on] … Keith Carradine said something really interesting to me. You have to think of it like the life of a television show is like the life of a dog. And it’s such a sweet thing to have a dog, but you know that at some point in time that dog’s not going to be with you anymore… that doesn’t make that time any less sweet. You just have to enjoy it while you have it.”

It’s interesting that Carradine said this line to Tolman, given that he is someone who had a great role on “Dexter,” only to see it go away when Frank Lundy was killed in the fourth season. On “Fargo” especially, you have to have a certain degree of expectation that you really could go at almost any moment.

What do you think: Should there be a second season of “Fargo,” and should it continue along this story or present something new? Share below, and head over here to take a look directly at what is coming up next week.

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