‘Rising Star’s’ attempt to correct ‘The Voice’s’ time-zone problem

Rising Star -Later this summer, “Rising Star” is going to come on ABC to hopefully do for the network what “The One” and “Duets” failed miserably at: Giving them a talent competition that people care about.

In terms of genre, we are so enthusiastic about another singing show that the thought of it makes us want to fall asleep. However, the format here is interesting in that it is truly live, at least for a few time zones who want to be involved in the process of putting someone through to the next round. Basically, you need an approval ratings of 70% from the live audience in order to advance as a contestant, and the time zones that will be voting live are in the Eastern, Central, and Mountain times. (The show will air in Mountain time at 7:00 p.m., a change from most programming there.)

So do those in Pacific time have any say at all? Yes and no. They’ll have their own component added to the show, and executive producer Ken Warwick (formerly of “American Idol”) tells The Hollywood Reporter that it is possible that a contestant could be saved on the West Coast even after being shunned by the rest of the country:

“Everyone can vote and take part in the process … On the West Coast, they have their own voting bar. That means that if somebody on the East Coast gets 65 percent, and doesn’t go through, and then the West Coast votes over 70 percent, that [contestant] will go through. We’ll put up a graphic as it happens.”

Given that ABC clearly doesn’t want to air the show at 6:00 p.m. on the West Coast, this is at least some attempt at a solution. It’s at least better than “The Voice’s” instant save, which forced followers of the show to tweet along during the East Coast broadcast to have a say in anything.

Personally, we feel like viewers nationwide should have access to multiple time zones for all broadcasts, but that is probably just a pipe dream.

We’ll have more on this show when it comes closer to airing. Let’s hope that it turns out to be decent. For now, just click here to get further updates from our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: ABC

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