‘Silicon Valley’ episode 7 review: A dramatic presentation

Silicon Valley -As we near the end of “Silicon Valley” season 1, our opinion remains the same about the series: It is one of the funniest things on TV right now. While there are still some flaws and some of the supporting characters do tend to get lost, there is so much still to like about this show that it remains captivating.

Take, for example, that we’ve grown to continue to support Erlich despite how completely idiotic he is most of the time. He slept with not just one, but two wives of the guy who is judging the Pied Piper presentation, and he somehow didn’t expect any ramifications? Obviously, this level of humiliation is very bad for the company, and that may keep it from ever really getting off of the ground.

This brand of humiliation came after many other brands of humiliation. Danesh fell for a girl who he thought had beautiful Java code, only to realize later that the code was actually written by Gilfoyle. Meanwhile, Richard had made himself come across as very “obsessed” to some girl he dated a couple of times, and then continued to prove it. It was only until Jared accidentally bailed him out later (by making her think that he was gay based on a conversation) that really let this story come to a close.

This episode can be summed up simply: Funny, but disasters all around. They have still not written the death of Christopher Evan Welch into the show, but it makes some sense given where they are right now in the direction. The story is simply pushing forward and trying to provide good satire of this crazy part of the world. So far when it comes to that, we give them credit for succeeding. There at times it goes a little too silly, but in general there is really nothing funnier on the air right now. Grade: A-.

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Photo: HBO

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