‘Survivor 29’ Blood vs Water, Woo Hwang’s mistake, Jeff Probst’s apology to Spencer Bledsoe

Jeff Probst -Did you love the “Blood vs Water” twist on “Survivor”? If you did then you’re going to be happy to hear that “Survivor 29′ is bringing this twist back, but if you were hoping to see some returning players with their family members again, you might be disappointed. Before we get to that, let’s give you a few highlights from the “Survivor: Cagayan” season finale reunion.

Cops R’ Us: Sarah revealed that she originally forgave Tony for swearing on his badge and then back stabbing her, but later after Sarah gave an interview that Tony didn’t like these two are not speaking at all.

Did Woo make a mistake?: Jeff asked the jury if Woo had taken Kass to the end would he have won and the jury said yes. Woo took the news fairly well saying that he still has no regrets taking the best to the end.

Jeff Probst apologizes: During casting Jeff told Spencer during casting that he was never going to win the show and Spencer told Jeff that if he’s wrong that he wanted him to write a letter of apology to him and read it at the finale. Even though Spencer didn’t win, Jeff handed him an envelope with his letter and apologized to him because Spencer played a fantastic game.

“Survivor 29”: They will be headed to San Juan Del Sur for filming this summer with an all new cast. They are bringing back the “Blood vs Water” twist, but this time around there will be a bit more of an even playing field. There will be no returning players, everyone will be new to the “Survivor” game.

Will this be the only twist for “Survivor 29”? This wouldn’t be “Survivor” if there weren’t twists and turns at every corner, so expect there to be more on the horizon, including the possible comeback of Redemption Island. Now before everyone moans and groans over this twist, we think this actually worked very well when it came to the “Blood vs Water” concept. Having the option to help family members or your tribe at Redemption Island throws something new into the game that really shakes things up. Will people be more likely to stick with their tribe and throw their loved ones under the bus or will they give advantages to their loved ones?

The other unknown at the moment is if the tribes will consist of loved one pairs or if the loved ones will once again be split for the first part of the game. Either way, this is going to make for great TV and we can’t wait for “Survivor 29” to hit the airwaves.

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Photo: CBS

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