‘The Blacklist’ season 2 vs. ‘Scandal’ season 4: Will this be TV’s best battle?

The Blacklist logo any seasonOver the course of the coming months, we are going to see plenty of TV articles written up about some of the great stuff we are going to see with the fall schedule, but before we even start up with all of that, we have a much more simple question to ask: What are you going to even watch live?

If there is one battle that is being set up now as one of the most fascinating of the upcoming season, it is the one between two shows that both clearly are going to be bringing quite a bit to the table: “The Blacklist” and “Scandal.” The two will not be going head-to-head until February, but when that happens, we expect it to be the most intense ratings showdown of the year between two network dramas.

With “Scandal,” you have the obvious social media factor, with all of the cast tweeting along and with “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” basically turned into this gigantic aftershow. ABC moved the show up an hour to accommodate for another new Shonda Rhimes series in “How To Get Away with Murder,” and it is to be seen whether or not that move was something a little bit too drastic.

As for “The Blacklist,” we feel like it is in some ways an unsung hero. Its ratings were on the same level, but it is more procedural and doesn’t have the same social media presence. The biggest question mark to it is whether or not it was saved by “The Voice” … and while we agree that the NBC singing show helped, it would have done well regardless based on the January numbers.

What do you think about this showdown, and which one of these programs are you going to be more interested in watching live? Let us know below.

Photo: NBC

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