‘Supernatural’ season 9 finale spoilers: Jared Padalecki on enormous twist

Sam -Supernatural” fans, you better buckle up now for a heck of a season finale. If everything that we are hearing right now about the past part of season 9 can be believed, this will be something that not only sets in motion next season, but will do so in a way that makes this one of the most fundamental shifts ever on the show.

Jared Padalecki is a very opinionated guy, which is awesome since you know that if he is telling you that something is awesome, he definitely means it. This is why we get more than stoked hearing him say the following to TV Fanatic:

“It wraps up the season so perfectly, but it sets up not only season 10, [it can continue] if they want to go further … There were parts where I cried, parts where I laughed, but my overall impression was ‘wow, here we are 195 episodes in, 195 hours in, and I’m still getting excited.'”

To us, it feels like a big shift is needed at this point since we’ve been wrapped up in roughly the same sort of storylines here for a while. But what us thrilled here is that we know that this is a show that takes risks, and this will probably be a big one. Whether or not it works is still to be seen, but we will at least give them credit for putting themselves out there. Our personal hope is that it is something that lets the brothers and Castiel (Misha Collins is a series regular, after all) work together most of the season, but have the villain be something or someone so insurmountable that it still takes everything out of them.

Jared made these comments at the CW upfronts this week, and if you want to see some of what Jensen Ackles had to say, just be sure to click here. Also, sign up for some further great updates via our official newsletter.

Photo: The CW

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