‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 finale review: Sandra Oh’s Cristina dances it out one last time

What's next? -Shonda Rhimes can really put together some great goodbyes … especially when it comes to one of the most beloved characters in TV history.

Thursday’s “Grey’s Anatomy” brought the end of Cristina Yang, and it came in waves of emotion, fun, and also nostalgia. Having one of Cristina’s last scenes with Meredith be the two parties dancing it out was all sorts of perfect. Her advice to her was also critical, as she was the driving force behind Meredith deciding to not sign off (literally) on moving away. She didn’t want to sacrifice her own abilities as a surgeon, and perhaps never will again. Hooray for one last bit of advice from Cristina!

Cristina clearly decided to leave her impact on more than just Meredith, though, as she ended up gifting Alex with her shares in the hospital. If there is anything that we take from this, it is that he may have a way to get back to the hospital now without another thought.

There were some other departures in this episode, as Leah was let go from the hospital and Shane decided to go with his mentor to Switzerland. Also, there was an epic fight between Meredith and Derek over whether or not they should go to Washington. They both had points, and while Cristina’s advice here may have been right, who knew that this argument would come as a result? We suppose that this is the one cliffhanger that we have … and thankfully, it’s nothing that will lead to someone dying.

Also, has Dr. Webber just met his child?

In the end, though, this episode was about Cristina, and it only feels appropriate that she would be the one to end up it as she braved her new unknown. What an excellent, emotional way to say goodbye to Cristina. She’ll be missed. Grade: A.

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