‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 finale review: Sheldon’s decision; Stuart’s new gig

Here it is -The Big Bang Theory” has put himself into high gear over the past several weeks, forcing the characters to really examine just what the future is going to hold.

The biggest one, of course, is Sheldon Cooper. The university forced him to stay with string theory, and then Leonard told him that he and Penny wanted to live together. Then, Stuart’s comic book store caught fire, and Amy tried to convince him to move in with her. This all led to him being at a train station, threatening to leave after a variety of things different go his way.

This is where the “baby bird theory” comes into play, which is ironic given that Sheldon is afraid of birds. Penny convinced Leonard to let him go to wherever it is he wants to go, and fly off to test his own wings for a change. There was a touching moment in here, but one also coupled with humor.

We cannot exactly say that this was the happiest finale ever for all characters, given what happened to Sheldon and Stuart hitting the end of his rope. The only thing that actually worked out in his favor was him finding a new job as the caregiver for Howard’s ailing mother. But what happens when her health gets better? This seems to be only a temporary thing, but it was a nice use for the character … at least for now.

While this finale did not have any funny moments that will go down in the show’s history, it was an emotional close to a chapter in the story. When the new season premieres, we may see an entirely different landscape, with characters in new places and with new people. After so much consistency, this is a brand of change we endorse. Grade: A-.

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Photo: CBS

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